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William C. Meili's Blog, Military Law Attorney

Welcome to the Meili Law Blog where we provide current information on the firm's successes and challenges as well as news and trends related to our practice areas.


Sometimes good things just happen. Had a friend call about two weeks ago. He had a pending DWI in another state … from 1998. Correct … 22 year old case. You can imagine my initial phone call to the court clerk of record. Well, after some additional calls and a little diplomacy, my friend and I received word that the District Attorney’s office in this particular jurisdiction was going to withdraw the arrest warrant, close the case and be done with it. The fact that the arresting officer was no longer around might have had a little something to do with that decision — maybe?! Client’s grateful, and it truly was a pleasure working this one for and with him. So, if you have a pending DWI, give me a call sometime in the next 22 years and I’ll see what I can do! Cheers. (214) 363-1828,,

Published Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2020


So far as I can tell, the Board of Inquiry process for active duty officers remains slowed. No new word in several months about a change in policy, so still driving on under the rules in place that during the pandemic, you still have the right to appear in person at the Show Cause, vice taking a turn thru the online platform mode.

We’re currently engaged with a senior, active duty Army officer on a Show Cause matter, and so will soon have additional insights on this and other processing specifics to share in this space.

Published Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2020


Received word today that the Army has decided that all Respondents at Show Cause Boards and counsel have a right to appear in person before a live panel. While there may be an opportunity for a Respondent in a Board proceeding to waive in person attendance and have the Board held remotely, in person attendance is still a right.

Since DoD has now extended its travel restriction order until 30 June, in-person Boards of Inquiry (BOIs)/Show Cause Boards are likely going to back-log for the next 2 and a half months or more. As such, there might be some additional opportunity in the upcoming months to negotiate and discuss favorable options with the servicing judge advocate offices in any given Show Cause action. Email: or phone: 866-578-0164

Published Date: Tuesday, April 21, 2020

UPDATE on the SHOW CAUSE, BOARD OF INQUIRY (BOI) for our AMEDD OFFICER CLIENT which we discussed in a post last November

AMEDD officer’s retention recommendation by a Field Board of Inquiry (FBOI, BOI) was ratified and adopted by HRC recently. The Show Cause case is now closed, client’s flag has been lifted, and as a result, our client was able — earlier this month — to complete and timely file materials for consideration by the AMEDD officer promotion board which convened this week. Email: or phone: 866-578-0164

Published Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Another Show Cause Board of inquiry (BOI) concludes successfully for an AMEDD officer client

Happy to report that an Army medical officer (AMEDD) client received a vote to retain by an officer Field Board of Inquiry this past Thursday. Grateful for the time, consideration and attention to detail from the members of this Show Cause Board, and equally grateful for the support shown by a wide array of people who weighed in on this case. Email: or phone: 866-578-0164

Published Date: Monday, November 25, 2019

Two Recent UQRs (Unqualified Resignations) Approved for AMEDD Army Reserve Medical Corps Officers

Good news for two Army Reserve Doctors who have served well and faithfully, but who were having some difficulty navigating the UQR process. Grateful to have been in a position to offer experience and help. If you, or someone you know, is having trouble with the military's resignation process, don't hesitate to contact us. Email: or phone: 866-578-0164

Published Date: Friday, July 26, 2019

I contacted Col. Meili as a fellow practitioner to gain some context and perspective on a pretty complex set of issues. Because I practice in a different field of law, Col. Meili's extensive expertise was invaluable and he was more than generous with his time. A skilled and dedicated professional who cares deeply about obtaining the best possible outcome for his clients, Bill's a leader in this field.

- Steffen Chapin

After an exhaustive search of military attorneys, I came across the name of Bill Meili. From my first email exchange and telephone call, I knew that Bill was the right person to handle my case. I had discussed my unique circumstance with a handful of other attorneys who felt it may be too difficult to achieve the outcome that I was seeking - but Bill was interested in me and my case, and wholeheartedly believed that we had the ball in our court. I could tell that Bill cared about me as a person and soldier, not just viewing me as a paycheck.

- Anonymous


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