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Army CW2 Original Request Approved Then Inexplicably Denied

UQR — Active Duty Aviator Original Request Approved and Then Inexplicably Denied

To Those Concerned,
It is with great pride and satisfaction that I recommend Mr. William C. Meili as an advocate for those looking to move on from the Army. After I found Mr. Meili online after a quick google search, I was in a difficult place. My first attempt at UQR had gotten lost at S1, and my second attempt while initially approved, was later "disapproved." It was then that I became convinced I needed someone on my side. Bill was quick to return my phone call to his office, and later that day I spoke with a former client of his who was also extremely satisfied with Mr. Meili's services. After agreeing to a contract, Bill methodically combed through my case in multiple meetings to ensure that he had all the pertinent information. As he says, every case is different.

Once I was in my window, I re–submitted my UQR with the help of Mr. Meili and his contacts. His inside scoop proved invaluable to assessing the situation at HRC. Furthermore, his experience with UQRs ensured that all my paperwork was correct, accurate, and professional. It is in this regard that I suspect my UQR was approved so quickly. From submission at HRC to approval took approximately one week. Mr. Meili was with me the whole way and made sense out of a difficult and frustrating process. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. William C. Meili to all those needing an advocate as they transition out of the Army and back into civilian life.

- CW2


I contacted Col. Meili as a fellow practitioner to gain some context and perspective on a pretty complex set of issues. Because I practice in a different field of law, Col. Meili's extensive expertise was invaluable and he was more than generous with his time. A skilled and dedicated professional who cares deeply about obtaining the best possible outcome for his clients, Bill's a leader in this field.

- Steffen Chapin

After an exhaustive search of military attorneys, I came across the name of Bill Meili. From my first email exchange and telephone call, I knew that Bill was the right person to handle my case. I had discussed my unique circumstance with a handful of other attorneys who felt it may be too difficult to achieve the outcome that I was seeking - but Bill was interested in me and my case, and wholeheartedly believed that we had the ball in our court. I could tell that Bill cared about me as a person and soldier, not just viewing me as a paycheck.

- Anonymous


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